Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hidden Gems: Pornstars Gallery

The other day I was sitting all snuggled in my play chair, iced bottle of water on my desk and vibrator in hand, when I noticed a bit of a trend as I browsed the pictures on the Sexiest group. Time and again I would pop up a pic and see that it hadn't been seen by as many people as I thought it deserved. It reminded me of when I was starting out, when I was thrilled at like twenty favs, or over a hundred views!

I clicked off my toy, tapping it softly against my lips. Being seen is a's why we post. Sure, we enjoy doing what we do, but if that was all there was to it, why post our creations at all?

Most of the pictures that follow had less than 200 views, some less than 100. I hope showing off their work here helps gets these artists some of the recognition they so richly deserve.

Turning 'Big Blue' back on ... away we go.

Janey Placebo

Jenny Starveling

by Mistycall

Reneesme Portland

Pham Nuwen with Beyani Nuwen

Reneesme Portland

Ana Luisa Mateos

Bunny Jadie by Ty Ramsay

by Sexyfaith with Partee and Jimbo


Bones Delicioso by Blues Rocker

Rocio Larsson

Eve by Ryo


by Lya Barcelos with Ozz

Shyla Styles

Vin Cinquetti

Blue Sapphire Rose by Alia Novo

Titty Sprinkles

Onisa by Rene Aeon

Photos compiled by Domino Dupre

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