Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards 2015 : Official Categories & Info

Hot press off the press! The very latest from Emmanuelle Jameson on The Sexiest® Awards!

This is the line up of categories for this years Awards. With further important information below.....

The Sexiest® FILM

The best film of the year. It can be a minute. It can be hours.
But overall it's the best achievement at combining film technique, character, and story. It should also be sexy (It can be very explicit or a hint of sensuality). It should be the most unique and timeless film of the year/.

The Sexiest® DIRECTOR

The person who brings together the best combination of visual, audio technique, character and story, as well as sexiness. The person who demonstrates the most that they are a master filmmaker.

The Sexiest®  ACTRESS

The actress whose performance stands out and makes you go., "Mmmmmmmm."

The Sexiest®  ACTOR

The male or shemale actor whose performance stands out and makes you go., "Mmmmmmmm."

The Sexiest® PHOTO

The best photo of the year. The best achievement at combining technique, eroticism, and sexy art. (It can be very explicit or a hint of sensuality).


The best photographer of sexy scenes. These can tell a story, be explicit or just be sensual. But the power of its sensuality comes through.


The best photographer of sexy individuals. These can have elements of erotica or sensuality.. But it brings out the sexy personality of the person in a unique or timeless way.


The female avatar captured in a photo that most makes you go...."Mmmmmmmm."

The Sexiest®  MALE MODEL

The male or shemale avatar captured in a photo that most makes you go, "Mmmmmmm."

The Sexiest®  NEWCOMER

The actor/actress or model who made their debut in the calendar year 2014, and has had the sexiest and biggest impact on the Second Life erotica scene.

From Emmanuelle : 


- Add your name and the category to the title of the entry notecard.

- Send the notecard and the 25L$ entry fee to the avatar:  250L Resident.  (entries without a fee will not be accepted)

Entry is due before midnight (SLT) on January 26th

Complete rules can be found at:

Contact avatar TheEmanuelleJamesonResident with questions. (  Or Serenity Kristan-Faulds with very general non organizational queries. )

Please use notecards in case IMs get full.

Thank you for entering THE SEXIEST® AWARDS FOR 2015.


  1. Disappointing to see yet another category taken away from movies and another given to photos especially since many of these professional photographers live in their own corner of SL away from the looked down upon porn stars that follow this blog.

    Update your rules, since categories and dates have changed.

  2. what Happened to the T-girl category that we were supposed to have this year? I stand by what I said last year, it is unfair for T-girls to have to share a category with the men and they should have their own, if i remember correctly I mentioned this to Emma last year and we were supposed to get it this year, and I also agree with Emily as well, I mean yes I'm a photographer but I am also very much part of the porn community, sadly not enough of our community is being noticed, just b/c they are in the flickr group does not mean they are part of our community and that is what the Sexiest blog is supposed to be about, right?

  3. To be fair to Emmanuelle. The awards are ONLY for the Pornstars group members. Photographers who are nothing to do with it are not eligible enter. In the past people have been disqualified for not being members of the group if they are caught out.

    I agree 100% about categories or lack of them. But i also know what a hard job it is organizing the event potentially every extra category is five more people at the event. In the past many have crashed or had the event ruined by lag, and this year is really the first Awards shows firmly in the era of mesh bodies which is going to make that even more of a factor.

    I'm not an organizer or head judge, or judge. Just passing on what i know.

  4. I have really wanted a T-Girl category for years now. So i have to agree with that comment. I also have been a head judge a couple of years ago and know it's a hard job recruiting judges and then asking them to give up even more of their time to judge more categories. I do hope a T-Girl category can be included though.

  5. There are interesting points raised, here. In no particular order:

    A) Best Story category dropped: I am all in favour of more categories ( I miss the old "Best scene", "Best oral", a technical award for special effects, editing, etc. Tough scoring for best bodyparts, but they could be fun too). At the same time, I think the organizer acted on experience from the less than rewarding experience from last year, that produced ultimately a worthy winner, sure, but had troubles and controversy in the phase of putting together a group of nominees. I love storytelling, but it's not the finest art in porn, sadly, which is probably why there is no Golden Cock for best story either.

    B) T-girls category: I can see more or less the same scenario as "best story", at least as far as the acting awards are concerned. Are there enough t-girls in acting roles to build a proper category? But for photo models, the scene is indeed thriving. I disagree on t-GIRLS sharing the category with MEN, if I am honest, although you could say that with the biggest group dedicated to men in porn having Studettes, it's just a matter of point of views and everyone may view it diffferently. Maybe the men is the better category for some, for others a separate category would be the fairest ground, for others again competing in femininity with the so called real girls in the actress category is even more important. What can be done to be practical but give the best possible degree of respect to everyone's choice? My personal suggestion would be to let t-girls choose in which of the two existing category to run, and if the response is satisfactory in numbers with more than token candidates, consider sorting them in a separate category.Which of course presents the difficulty for those who organize the awards to have one or two more category to give to judges to score, good luck with that.

    C) "Those pesky photographers who live in their own corner and look down on us porn people have one more category". I am paraphrasing, yes. Well, I don't know, I see where the feeling on the subject may come from, but I fail to see how it's relevant. If you look at the nominees from last year, all the photographers involved were as involved in the scene as it gets. Some might not be everyone's best friend or buddy, but they surely were no strangers. That possibly because as it was pointed out, you need to be a member of the in-world group and not just the flickr one. So I think that it's a rather premature concern if anything. It's one more category for photography, right, but many would tell you that it's still too little and photography deserves a much broader set of awards to barely cover the variety and complexity of the scene. You could make a case that you need to have two whole different award shows, but I doubt we can handle having THIS much fun twice a year!