Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Sexiest® Awards - TGirl News!

We wanted to reach out to the T-Girl/Shemale community regarding some questions we've received about THE SEXIEST® AWARDS SHOW.

If enough T-Girls/shemales enter for Best Actor/Shemale Actor or Best Male/Shemale Model, we will make that its own category.

And if there is not, and a T-girl/shemale wins the category, of course the trophy will reflect that. ( IE Should there be a T-Girl winner the wording on the trophy will state that. )

What we never want to do is create a category, not have enough interest and have to remove it. But as we said, if there is enough entries, we'll be happy to separate Male and Shemale out.




  1. Mmm… OK… Still feels *very* weird to have to apply for sexiest 'actor': in the movie I want to apply for, I definitely had the female role… And it feels very strange I might end up competing with the actor who *did* have the male role… I would have much preferred to choose either male or female, even if applying for both for the same role could of course have been forbidden. But I guess that would give you even more work than you already have, so fair enough. *smiles*

    Now I just hope there will be enough people to apply for a new category to be created, because I wouldn't know what to do with a 'sexiest actor' award if I end up winning it… *chuckles*

  2. may the best cock win Erika... at least I don't have to compete with you for best boobs ;)

  3. Erika, I haven't seen that movie. We used to let she males choose. In this case that might seem appropriate. Our hope is that enough enter so we can just create your own category.

    We just need to make sure there's enough entries because taking away a category would be a nightmare.