Friday, February 6, 2015

Catching up With : Marika Blaisdale

The diverse and so awesome talents of Marika Blaisdale ... in her words and art.

I like making various types of photographies: from pure fashion to hardcore porn, never really decided the direction I'd like to walk, and hopefully won't do that - diversity is good idea in my opinion. Same as techniques: got my moments I am a lot into black and white photography, for example. Anyway, one thing is very important to me: I try to focus on the person I shoot, because that's the key to me, not nice backgrounds. That is why you can find my photographies somehow simple maybe.

Ivori Faith

with Sam Hanks

Danity Kane

Many people ask me how I choose models I work with. Well, I won't hide it: it is my 100% subjective choice. I like to work with people who inspire me in some way, but there's another thing: I love to pose myself - asking me to do that would greatly increase your chances, aren't we all attention whores?

Except photography I got some other activities that keep me pretty busy in SL. One of those is Aroused! Magazine, published bi-weekly and brings quite lot to do, but is great opportunity to meet and get to know the best photographers and models. I started to work on some, still kinda secret, projects also, that aren't porn/erotica related, but will let me extend my little portfolio a bit.

I'd like to say thanks to everyone for favs I get on Flickr and for all kind words you send to me. These mean lot to me. Thank you.

with Katina Cazalet

with Pyxe-Jynx Dirval

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