Thursday, February 12, 2015

Serial clickers - The more the merrier!

Pornstars are a sociable bunch. Some say, even promiscuous (gasp!). So, often they like to prey on different victims! We have seen quite a few interesting "series" lately! Some are sadly over (but who knows, they might get a second wind and come back!), some are ongoing, some are on temporary hiatus. You all have seen Tatiana and her (un)questioned sexiness, Melany and her trinkets, the most popular couch in porn, Marika with her portraits and her anatomy of pleasures, Heiko in a new project after the very educational alphabet series, and so on.

We have covered those and of course will feature them even more prominently soon, involving so many people showing them at their sexy best. Today, I am giving props to one project who was just concluded, by Vivian Eris (Willow Ishmene), and 2, yes two, by the very active and enthusiastic Margie Blanco. There you have then, pictures from Margarita's Submit and You & Me sets, and from The World Of Barbie!


Luigi Submits

Larry Vinaver submits

Ravi submits

Partee Submits

Filipe Roff & me

Onisa Lundquist & me

Heiko & me

Talhya Sieyes & me

Thorgal McGillivary & me

Maid Barbie

Romance Novel Barbie

Nudist Barbie

Nudest Ken

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