Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wanna Flick? - A look at Dillon Lecker's latests

Dillon Lecker is a name coming up often these days on the scene. Not just of course for his nominations on the Sexiest Awards, but also for his newfound directorial vein. I already mentioned RedLight District in a previous post. Well, guess what...

Yes, there is a part 2 to Redlight District, but I am just monkeying with you and I begin with this one. Ha!

This video features Dillon as a blue collar (well, his condom-like spacesuit doesn't have a collar and it's yellow, technically, but you know what I mean) worker in space, who enjoys docking his shuttle at the local brothel.

As you can see, the movie has sexy actors, features a cameo by a famous droid AND Partee's ass, so I couldn't help but feel compelled to feature it. But of course there is a lot more from Dillon that I want to bring you, so please, enjoy also, in reverse chronological order...

Again, how could I not feature a movie with the C-word in the title? Regular Red light district loitherer Antonio moonlights here as director, graduated from the Philip Morris and Tartessos school of directing.

And Dillon shags Cassandra Hastings. Seems like a good flick to me!

 And lastly,

This. Told you there was a second episode.

Released for Meg Corral's HBIC Productions, this movie has a nice ensemble cast! With a very solid opening sequence showcasing Rachel Avro's fluid drawing skills, followed by two main scenes: the first one is a throwback to the first episode, with Carly reprising her role in the spot warmed up by Domino in the prequel. And she has a nice audience!

 The conclusion of the video is brought to you by Dillon himself and the ravishing Suki. Now, you just have to see all this in motion, so scroll below and jump to them!

Watch the movies after the jump! 

Before you jump: if you are a filmaker, REMEMBER that your movie can and will be featured on this blog if you send us a link, a brief synopsis and a couple screenshots. They will be better than the ones I take for sure!

Thanks, and now, enjoy ! 

Redlight District 2

Cuntonio's Auditions

Space Whores

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