Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wanna flick? - A look at some movies

Magix Dance

As I said in a previous post, it has been a nicely prolific week in the world of movies. Picking up a few from the Sexiest Pornstars ® inworld group, I begin with, as you see, "Bound and blindfolded" by Ayara.

The first movie from Ayara in over a year, is a visually stunning one. You can appreciate right from the photo at the top of the page the erotic quality of the minimalistic setting, enveloped in murky darkness that only highlights the carnal kinship between the two actors, but a few screencaps don't do justice to it.

So you definitely need to take a look at the movie, appreciating the fluid motions, editing and the very effective score. But hey, not just yet!
As I anticipated, there's always lots to see from Quinn Ying: you only have to follow her blog or her twitter feed to get an idea of how much. So, picking up another one from her recent production, there you have ....

Quinn's Talent

Yes. Shot at the notorius Bunker and featuring the likes of VanHelsing "Rocco" Svoboda, Haziel Durden, Cyberwarlock Writer, Woozer Paule (!) and Taser, it surely showcases Quinn's titular talent, together with her iron grip and impeccable accessorizing.

I of course thank Quinn for being so active in the promotion, helping to put the spotlight on the work of director Alexcuck, who surely had a load of fun shooting the action (which features "loads" of fun too as well).

Quinn makes also a quick appearance in the next production I am gonna cover, which is...

Continuing the trend shown in this post of non-cryptic movie titles, after the one that features someone bound and blindfolded and the one with a talented gangbangee, this one does indeed feature an adult entertainment district! Filmed, directed and produced by the lekker Dillon Lecker for HBIC production, it features a very attractive cast and shows through their eyes kinky glimpses of what goes on at the location.

As you can see from the credits above, amongst the people featured in this flick, you can spot the most recurrent name on this very blog's pages, the very hard working Domino Dupre. The movie explores her curves at lenght, so why don't you go check it now? Well, stay with me still for a bit, just as I show you a screenshots from her performance and one of her own photos with the movie look, from her blog post.

Watch the movies after the jump! 

But first, if you are a filmaker, REMEMBER that your movie can and will always be featured on this blog if you send us a link, a brief synopsis and a couple screenshots, the more the better! Same for it if you an actor/actress: promotional material about SL movies is always welcome!  

Thanks, and now, movie time! 

(if you go for the NM versions of movies, hit 'HD' to appreciate them fully !)
Bound and blindfolded

Quinn's Talent for Gangbangs

Redlight District

Redlight District powered by XTube

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