Friday, January 22, 2016

Wanna Flick? Have a taste!

Well, quite a lot of movies came out at the end of the year ("just in time for the Sexiest Awards!" someone with a twisted sense of humour and way too much experience in the world of SL porn might say), and 2016 already began with a sizeable number of releases, a little short than 2 dozens! And nearly half of that are due to the tireless work of a woman and her production company...

Isabelle Cheviot is one of those creative talents I ran out of adjectives for a while ago already (but luckily not having blogged movies for a while you won't notice the repetitions): one of her many merits is her willingness to work with 'newcomers'. Although perhaps I should say that she cultivates talents, or helps them blossom. You only have to follow her Dog Star blog to realize how not just she gives actors and actresses the cinematographic exposure that is so rare in the porn business, but she puts a real effort helping them find their way.

I don't mean (just) between her legs, you pervs!  The two actresses I am going to mention have shown plenty of initiative, which will become clear in the future as I have the privilege to blog more from Dog Star.
One important key in the steady output from Dog Star is of course the fact that Isa carries over 'series', just like in RL porn, and one of the most popular, one that, to quote her, "give me the opportunity to highlight some of the female talent I've worked with in my films...and of course they give me a chance to actually WORK with the hottest women in SL." is the 'A taste of' series. Yep, lesbian porn: you are welcome!

Here you have a few screenshots from 2 installments of the series I fancy to highlight: the first is the latest one from the series which came up this month.

The Dog Star 'intern' Brunella Voelisa debuted with this picture, a sexy movie that truly makes her sassy and fresh looks stand out as she stars in the role of a very ambitious but misguided cheerleader who luckily finds the expert guidance of Isa to get her priorities straight.

You know how it goes, in the porn world. " want to be head cheerleader? Then you have to pay your dues like everyone else."

From the previous installments of the series, which have the presence of hot female talent as trait d'union, I picked this time another Dog Star debut from earlier this winter, the debut of someone who made a true impact in the SL adult scene. Again in Isa's words...

"Although no stranger to the world of SL porn, this is Brea's first endeavor with Dog Star Productions. I can assure you it will not be the last. Doing laundry late at night after filming is not something I have to do often get the picture."

A typical example of picture worth a thousand words, this movie has not much of a story, but it's pure endless SL summer fun with some of the best 'porn faces' in recent memory.

Isa apparently has an endless supply of interesting angles to film sex from and real flexibility not (just!) to assume the various sex positions, but also to figure the best way to showcase her co-stars playing to their strenghts. If you check out the two movies, you'll notice they are shot in a different way, with different pace, to a very different mood that fits the two different actresses' on screen persona and visuals.

Both the hot romp with the bubbly bombshell and the kinky fling with the unscrupolous nymphet are both worth seeing if you haven't (and porn has plenty of 'replay' value, of course...I play with myself over and over to Isa's movies! Err, ok, TMI....), after the jump.

Featuring your work is a pleasure, so write me anytime , I am always curious about what you have been up to in SL!

A taste of Brunella

A taste of Brea

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  1. Thankyou so Much Katina Isabella is truly deserving of everything youve said I love working with her.