Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: A look behind

You might think that I am being a day ahead for Wiener Wednesday, but since there's no such thing, you might also not. This is me talking about...


Shameless XXX Magazine Issue 5


The new February magazines are coming out, letting you lovers of chocolate and hearts and chocolate hearts already mentally prepare for that special time of the year. But before that, I certainly need to cover one publication in particular that is quite dear to me and certainly deserves attention.

I tried to read Aran's tats, but midway through i  got distracted....

Oh, every time I cover this t-girl magazine, I end up talking about the decisive role of shemales in porn, the transgender community in SL, etc etc. Important talking points - for which I can also suggest you to check out right away the newest Busted...you'll figure out why!- but oh, I am not going there this time. My partner Marika Blaisdale loves simplicity, and loves quality pictures - it's the formula Aroused! is following too, and it has its fans I see! So I am just gonna say...

Photographed in issue #4, the beautiful KD : Marika loves her face shots, I tell you!

...this magazine has incredibly beautiful photos in it. If you are a fan of high quality photography, looking past this magazine would make you miss something. Ah, I know some of the photos in their explicitness might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially for that portion of the straight males populace who feel a certain amount of uneasiness at the thought of getting a little twitch in their bulge at the sight of a gorgeous female figure who upon closer inspection appears to be a healthy carrier of a schlong, but...

Sandra Palletier features 2 of her best models in Dea Ella and Jocelyn Thorne

...seriously, don't miss out. Enjoy the photography on the magazine. Enjoy the magazine for what it is: if you want attractive avis, brazenly displayed in inspiring realistic photos of real 'fake' beauty, you'll find plenty in here. With the slick presentation of a perfectly produced magazine.

The 5th and latest issue of Shameless sees as external contributor, or Mistress of Ceremony, one of the most well known 'mistresses' on the scene , the incomparable Sandra Palletier, who once more kicks her photography up a notch for the event, showing how magazine shoots can be special events for artists.

Don't look past the 4th issue either, who got lost in my little 'extended xmas holiday' from blogging alongside other very valid and relevant publications. Starting with the covergirl Tammy Jones, it's a svelte issue worth checking out as well.

Shameless can be seen on both marketplace and Issuu, just like Aroused. Check it out and enjoy!
And in fact, after the jump, for the laziest of you, just look at the embedded version!

And ...contact me if you wish your work to appear on the blog! it's way easier than you can imagine, you don't have to marry me!

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