Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Pornstars' Rack: Wanna play, mate?

Continuing the march (even in February) towards Valentine's Day, here's another very special issue of a magazine. This is....

Playmates Magazine

This might be a first for me personally covering this publication, but this is certainly not the first time that this magazine with a rich history appears here on the blog. In fact, one of the very first posts I noticed on this blog was exactly about our porn fairy godmother Emmanuelle Jameson being in it. Historic photographers and members of the community have been in it, such as Jinx Jiersen .

But in fact, nobody better than the magazine owner Tazzy Jenkins, who recalls very well the experience, can introduce the magazine here.

" Playmates Magazine was established in 2007, making it one of the longest running adult publications in Second Life. Winner of 6 media awards including the Innovative SL Media Award in 2015 for the #1 Best Adult Magazine in Second Life. Playmates Magazine provides sexy yet classy photo's that are imaginative, themed and professional. Plus exciting and informative articles, entertaining stories, helpful fashion spotlights and an overall enjoyable experience.

In February 2010, Jennnnna Jameson aka Emmanuelle, founder and owner of the Porn Stars Blog and group was the Playmate of the Month - Ms. February for Playmates Magazine. 
This month marks Playmates 100th Issue featuring another star as the cover and centerfold model, Brea Brianna - Ms. February 2016."

Yes, because today, becoming part of the Playmates family after coming on top of the magazine's usually heated contests is a star who needs at this point no introduction. Winning this month's photospread with the golden edits by Tommi Waydelich that have been a trademark of the magazine, Brea gets also amongst other perks a future of monthly opportunities to appear in the magazine, that sees in this issue other beauties well known to our Pornstars fans, including Tatiana Alexandra and...

"Playmates Magazine also features Margarita Blanco, who was Ms. July 2010 and has been modeling for Playmates for 6 years. Margarita has been in 72 issues and holds the record as the most photographed Playmates model."

Plenty content in the magazine, with the photography by Tommi and Ima Hotone, valuable Valentine tips for both fashion and location, saucy stories, letters articles and of course...the sexy Playmates! What would the magazine be without them?

With many thanks to Tazzy for her avalaibility and timely cooperation with the material, I can only say: get a free copy of this issue at Playmates Magazine Headquarters, SL Marketplace or one of many kiosks, and have a great Valentine's day!

And for any projects involving Sexiest Pornstars group members, please, feel free to contact me!

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