Friday, February 26, 2016

Wanna Flick? All Surf'd Up!

Even MORE movie posts? Mhm! Why not? I appreciate covering new (and not so new!) releases. Let's go this time with...

Jenny Starveling is back releasing, abundantly!

And we obviously are very happy with that. The two movies are set in different places, both though are recognizable and 'trendy' members-only sims. In the case of All Tied Up, like in Jenny's previous flick, it's quite easy to spot the club she's at...

"Jenny is BOUND to enjoy the upper floor of Teqi's Club, especially when Peter G Joins in." the release note says. Purple power!

The male co-star arrives midway through the movie, but Jenny doesn't have time to get bored in her coerced state: in fact her mechanical partner there (I think I will call it Robodong) is perfectly able to keep her entertained!

When he does show up of course, he does it like a boss!

Similarly, in Surf's Up ( " Gidea Dagger joins Jenny at Surfer's Bay where they make some waves roll with the motion of the ocean ..." ), the movie begins with a solo preamble with just Jenny getting wet with an inanimated object...

But playing with the toy AND a human partner is much more fun, obviously! And so Gidea joins, and takes the beach by storm.

Jenny never disappoints when it comes to show herself off generously and involve hot guys who don't necessarily get a lot of exposure normally - I am especially happy to see regular Pornstar party goer and sexy blonde Gidea get the spotlight in his extended sex session.

Jenny's videos have always a great detail and a sensual use of depth of field...not to mention her dynamic face expressions and her dousing orgasms. You never know how the next movie is going to introduce the sex part, but you KNOW that there will be plenty !

Movies are right here after the jump, remember to hit HD button to get the full taste!

And to IM me if you wish to be featured on the blog bringing to my attention some project you did or have been into! I am here for that reason.

All Tied Up 

Surf's Up! 

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  1. Cool Article! Was alot of fun to Surf with Jenny.
    She likes a stiff board it seems ;)