Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wanna Flick? Druid, where's my cam?

Today, let's have a look at some movies! Covering the work of videomakers you might have not seen before! Starting with...

We covered on the Sexiest Blog two of the previous movies by Calveen, and we enjoyed them! Both so very porny with their 'serial' number that instantly brings to mind a long line of dvds filled with the porniest models you can imagine. And no surprise, this new Glamour Sluts vol.1 is such a production, bringing on the set, both 'real' and portrayed, someone with the look, insignia, even name(s) quintessential with porn: Rikki Sixx aka Gisele Hendrix.

If you want to show your friends (or your momma, what do i know) how we do porn in SL, this video is certainly a good example of the sex video format. Featuring what is actually a nice, original and well implemented idea at the beginning, recreating in editing a photoshoot feel thanks to the still shots and camera flash effect, this movie has top of the line fps and picture quality, and a montage perfectly timed with the music, a technique that does wonders to put dynamism in the finished product.

Well, not that it needs any: this gentleman here certainly didn't get those muscles pushing a camera shutter all day, and seeing him handling the tanned vixen is...oh heck, enough adjectives and stuff. Watch these 2 fuck, it's hot!

As I said in the past, porn movies / adult machinima in SL tend to enjoy a variety of settings and a huge freedom that RL porn can't / won't go for. So here you have, fantasy porn! With the costume being more than loincloths and exoticly shaped dildos!

This is the first movie I am covering directed by Henry Atropa (henryatropa) aka Ozcar, although I am going to feature in a post least his previous two he filmed before this one, featuring beloved actresses on the porn scene that I'd hate to overlook. But the lead actress here, Ghastia Resident, is also a Pornstars group member and in this flick goes for a fantasy look that definitely appeals to the fantasies of many people I know.

The 'plot' is fairly linear, but it's all you need, really. Here too the setup of the movie is well made, establishing the place and a standoff situation. That gets settled the porn way, of course, as the druid armed with just his meat shillelagh has an up close and personal meeting with this well oiled olive skinned warrior.

"Fantasy" scenarios are a big part of SL, and sex has to be a part of it! And it's not just us SL weirdos doing that: I have seen all those Skyrim mods, come on!
I can't help but welcome new productions on the scene, and look forward to see more from both artists!

Both movies are avalaible on Naughty machinima for your viewing pleasure, both are here after the jump. Hit the HD button to get the full quality experience!

I am the jump , and to have your things featured above and beyond this point, just gimme a call, and we'll work on a post!

Glamour Sluts vol.1 

The Druid's Lair 

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