Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wanna Flick? Real Men Use Pink Windlights

The way girls think, the way boys think. Masculine and feminine, Mars and Venus: this looks like a great theme for standup comedy or Jungian psychology. Don't say they are one and the same, you post-structuralists out there!

In case you need any context for this: February the 14t is closing by, but this is irrelevant.
Dillon Lecker, Carly Mode: these two make me feel like it's Valentine's day every time I see them, so cute and happy together. And yet, they do not completely disgust me!
How is that possible? Well, maybe because they are very imaginative, constantly surprise me, have a sense of humour, put fun, joy and feeling in porn vids! And this double feature shows it all.

The concept behind this 'double' video is very simple and self explanatory, but since 'self' things, especially sexual things, are cool but much more enjoyable with someone else, there you have in Dillon and Carly's words, what this project is all about !

- Whose idea was this?

Carly:  "Well, I'm a good GF so I'll say it was a collab. (lol) Originally we were getting ready to film his movie, but then I pitched the 'Can I film at the same time, 'cause I'm bored when you film and ignore me!'."

Dillon: "It was Carly's idea. I had just finished finished filming The Assistant, which is a parody and has a lot of non sex scenes, and I said 'our next movie should be just about us making love, one set, and just us'. So we got to my place, I started filming, and she thought it would be cool if she did a movie too, and we ended up with 2 very different movies. "

- Have you looked at each other's work, or shared ideas at least, before the final version was released?

Dillon: "She saw the very beginning of my movie, because I always want to edit the first few seconds, and then see where it goes, but then, we kept filming, and only showed each other's work when we were done."

Carly: "We are a great team, i think. We always share our ideas and listen to eachother's suggestions. He did show me his beginning, but then we were both working on our movies so ended up showng each other at the end."

- And what was your reaction?

Dillon: *coughs*. " The actual reaction was... 'FUCK!!! she's the best!!!' And then I tried to add some filters and shit to make up for it, lol. Seriously, that's why there's lights and stuff when I film the chinese stuff. I was like 'Damn... I have to try to match!' Cause she has crazy graphics, lol

Carly: "My first reaction was that I was worried when I realised we had both chosen pink windlights. But in the end, we both chose wisely and the final products are amazeballs. I love Dillon's manly way, but then again I might be biased a lil'..."

- What do you think is the girliest thing in your movie?

Carly: "Well, I always see a huge difference in our movies. I'm always jealous of his creativity and how he can come up with "stories" that actually make sense and are fun to watch and to see get developed as he films. He adds car rides and action whenever he can, that is his manly way. Then I complain that mine are always 'lovey-dovey' and are all about how much I'm in love and think he is handsome....that is my girly part, lol."

- What do you think is the manliest thing in your movie?

Dillon: Lots of things, but I'd say the music first. And then, the way we edited it. We always really work as a team, even in my own movies, she's always in charge of the outfits, I'm in charge of the filming, editing and stuff, but it's always a team work. She does the girly stuff... I do the manly stuff :)

- Could your movie have been any more manly?

Dillon: "Actually?... I tried to rez a car but it didn't fit on the platform outside my house. Next time!"

- Could your movie have been any more girly?

Carly: "Easily....we could have fucked in a shoe closet."

I had so much fun putting together this post, and doing this brief interview with both. I can't say enough how brilliant the idea for this is, and it was very cute to sorta 'witness' their efforts to upload the movies at the same time on NM showing up side-by-side in the latest video feed. (which of course took 2 mins for Carly and 20 minutes for Dillon, cuz he has a clunker of a computer).

Speaking of which, here's both movies, under the jump. hit HD to get the better quality!

The Manly Way 

The Girly Way 

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