Monday, March 14, 2016

Serial Clickers - Kaoru's Stickers !

If and when you get in adult entertainment you certainly are passionate about letting yourself know: I don't need to point out the fantastic job done by the SL porn group and recently Dog Star Productions in their pictorials and interviews, or Busted Magazine's bios, and so many other projects.
SL Pornstars definitely love to show off, but also to have fun. And they can be such huge collectors. I am not saying that they want new notches in their belts, they literally love collectibles!

SL Pornstar Boosterpack 2016 series 1 SL Pornstar Boosterpack 2016 series 2

Amongst the various sets of 'profile' cards appearing recently, today we are dealing with Kaoru Kira' s "Pornstars of SL Trading Cards", at its second set after the first.. Kaoru already embarked in various series in the past, spanning 'internationally', and this project is as especially entertaining one. The description here, with Kaoru's offbeat humour went like this...

" The Booster pack contains 2 versions of the same card. One is a sticker card and the other is a normal paper card. Buy it on your closest store for 2.99$ (tax include) and collect the 20 different Pornstars, trade them with your friend or masturbate as much as you want.

All rights reserved for Kaoru Kira. Any scammer, copycat or reseller will be prosecuted and fucked hard with the throbbing cock of my law. NO EXCEPTIONS "

I asked Kaoru a couple of questions about her cards: enjoy !

Trading Card KK SL Pornstar
Sticker Trading Card Album 1st Edition SL Pornstars Series 1

- When did you have the idea to make pornstar trading cards?

" I had the idea in January 2016, after taking a look at my panini albums next to a stack of cards. That is the reason why they are not just cards but they are Sticker Cards."

Trading Card Sasquatch SL Pornstar

Trading Card Beca SL Pornstar

- Are you a fan of trading cards in RL and have collections and such?

" Yes, I currently collect 4 Trading card games which gets expensive. The artwork and fantasy themes is what gets my attention. "

Trading Card Dea SL Pornstar

Trading Card Jake SL Pornstar

- What type of edits do you need to do to get them done ?

" The edits I use on any of the pictures follow the same process and amount of work but on this particular project the flag color, the lighting and type of avatar skin determine the final product. "

Trading Card Jos SL Pornstar

Trading Card Urmeli SL Pornstar

- Do you have suggestions about editing tools/online resources to people who have original ideas but perhaps don't know how to implement them?

" Editing tools for picture editing i would suggest are the burn and dodge tool to enhance skin lightning, blur to fix skin imperfection and liquify to fix body imperfections, as for the ideas and how to come up with them, honestly all you have to do is take a look at your hobbies and then portray them into pictures, everyone have things they enjoy so why not take advantage of that. "

Trading Card Moon SL Pornstar

Trading Card Kalista SL Pornstar

- Is the series still going on and what does someone have to do to be in it?

" Yes, the series still going on. I extended the amount of pictures to 40 with the possibility to increase it to 50 max but no more.The series is open to anyone: male, female or transgender as long the avatar is human, if they have mesh body is almost instant that i pick them because is easier to work with. "

Trading Card Leanna SL Pornstar

Trading Card Ivori SL Pornstar

- Do you have new projects you are working on or would like to do in porn at this point but haven't done yet?

" I am not working on any project besides the Trading Cards Series because it will take me weeks to finish it, but once is done perhaps I could start my first comic, is an idea I always wanted to do. and about the porn I wouldn't mind at all to be part of something. "

Trading Card HunniB SL Pornstar

Trading Card Jane Brown SL Pornstar

Thank you so much to Kaoru for the answers and most importantly, for the photo project!

Here's listed the various models so far : Luna (Amelysia Resident), Melina Jameson, Elroy Click, Ali Fox, Aria Horan, Brea Brianna, Ryu Quasimodo, me, Larry Vinaver, Dea Santis, Aran Yifu, Moon, Daimaju Clowes, Murderdolls, Beca Staheli, LeannaMai, Marika Blaisdale, Priscila Balogh, Curtis Trevellion, Jake Raven in the first collection, and so far for the second set Erinyes CelestalisTatiana Alexandra, Kalista Hydraconis, Urmeli Ellisson, Monique LeFry, Sasquatch Rhino, Jos Miguelch, Jane Brown, Asardi DarkSun, Hunii B, Rachel Avro, Moonie, Ivori Faith, Tammy Jones and of course Kaoru herself.

Feel free to write me for any feedback and of course to bring to my attention your projects. I'd love to feature your work here!

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