Friday, March 4, 2016

The Sexiest® Photos Of The Day ∙ Official Gallery ∙ March 4

Hot 10 at 10

Enjoy the heat  -Ali

The Sexiest Photos of the Day

*Image removed by request

The Night is still young ∙ by Luna


  1. These images are stolen from flickr without permission

  2. Dmca's will be filed and this site taken offline for content theft as well as prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Dear Anonymous Reader,

      the pictures featured in this post come from the pool of The Sexiest flickr group, specifically linked to this blog and in-world group.

      No picture is 'stolen', as per Flickr guidelines that state

      " Flickr makes it possible to post content hosted on Flickr to other web sites. Pages on other web sites that display content hosted on must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr. This provides a way to get more information about the content and the photographer. "

      Not sure if you missed it , but that is exactly what happens here. There is no appropriation of the work of other people in this website, as proper credit is given for each and individual photo through a proper link. That without mentioning that A) the website is entirely non-commercial and not associated with any commercial activity in or out of SL B) every time a picture is posted, there's mention and link of the blog post in a flickr comment. So we'd pretty darn dumb thieves, doing it for free and announcing the 'theft' publicly.

      If you are one of the artists featured in this gallery and you are not keen on your work being linked in this post, since the blog posts are meant as a a selfless celebration of the talent of the people involved, we are more than willing to meet your need and remove immediately your photo if asked. It's not a sin if you uploaded it to a flickr group without realizing that it's the stream of a blog that states explictly its purpose.

      Had you signed your message, I would have removed it already with great pleasure. I can still count the requests of this nature that I received in 3 years of blogging on one hand, and that is counting your double post, so I'd be more than happy to comply.

      Have a nice day!