Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Sexiest® Blog Interrrrrview: Emma on the DS blog!

In a virtual world where adult activities are so openly and widely practiced, some call themselves 'Pornstars' and their fans. Because there's a real social sphere based on it. The in-world group, the flickr group, a movie scene, a party scene, you name it. And the blog I am writing on still has in its very URL the marking of the first pornstar who really made all the right steps to put STAR in PornStar.

So yes! I am shilling big time for this really neat interview published on the Dog Star Productions blog , with our blog headliner, group founder, porn fairy godmother Emmanuelle (formerly Jennnnna with 5s ) Jameson! As the owner of Dog Star Isabelle Cheviot said in her group notice:

" Recently, Brunella sat down with Emmanuelle Jameson, the founder of The Sexiest Pornstars group and blog. What follows are the fruits of that discussion. As she is one of the founders of the genre, it's beyond an honor to feature her on my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Special thank you's to Brunella Voelisa, Rachel Avro and Laura Richards." 

Big thanks to Isa for the agreement, actually proposal and offer, to crosspost this, and while I tell you to check out the interview pronto, I also catch this opportunity to refer you to the other very thorough and rich in pictures that Dog Star Productions managed to put together thanks to Isa's great organization skills: the team on her blog is a well oiled machine and in this 2016 together with Isa's continuing promotion of newcomers (more on that later), they gave us really outstanding 'chats' with some of the most established 'stars' of porn and erotica. Beginning with the aforementioned Laura Richards and continuing with Raelin Jestyr, Carter Holloway, Marika Blaisdale !

Looking forward to a great 2016 in photos, movies, and of course....blogging!

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