Monday, April 11, 2016

Wanna Flick? Mile High Temperature

I close virtually every one of my post inviting the readers to contribute to the blog, if only with ideas and requests. The formula of the blog and the broad spectrum of The Sexiest® Pornstars group community gives us enough freedom to publish the erotic adventures and assorted endeavours of pretty much everyone in the 'business'

It's with great pleasure then that I picked up the request by an actress, Sylvia Celestalis, with two movies on her record. According to her own words, Sylvia entered porn (yes, I ask that question, how can you not!) "because I am also an escort and I like that others can be excited watching me. I'm so naughty and enjoy sex...Then I became interested in recording videos with friends and be known".

And this way I have the opportunity to bring to these pages material from two filmakers never featured before. The first one is a movie directed by Tigre (metodico67), who featured Sylvia in a 24 minutes movie with full HD quality. The movie is called 'Azafata Caliente', which means "hot stewardess". So naturally it takes entirely place in a two square meter tub.

Tigre is apparently a rather prolific filmaker, or has been in the past year with many vids loaded in his Redtube account. His videos lack the proper authoring, credits etcetera, but I really hope he kept his interest in being a porn director, and perhaps this post can open up the window to his collaboration with more of the very talented people in the Pornstars community. He certainly shows competence with the camera and knows how to make a technically sound production.

The second movie brought to my attention by Sylvia is directed by Grecco Emerald, and it's another flick where she gets to show how much she values personal hygiene. 'The Shower'

The sheer video quality of this production is not as crystaline, but Grecco's framing and camera motions are really impressive. This is the only video by him on his account, and it's a shame, because the man really knows his way with the tools of a director.

Sex and a shower are not ground-breaking territory, but this is definitely a movie to check out. Sylvia looks lovely and the director does a fine job presenting her pulchritude...and porking her arsehole and all that. Which is what we want from machinima porn, right?

Watch both movies, after the jump!

And contact me to help me put together a blog post with YOUR contribution, as director, photographer, model, acting talent, to the world of Sexiest!!

Azafata Caliente 

The Shower 

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