Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wanna Flick? A taste of fame

Thursday has yet to find a proper gig. Well, this will be for me a Tasty Thursday! Yeah but just this week, I am not trying to start a thing or anything.

I am just using an excuse to cover the latest (unless she beats me to it with her new one 'cumming soon' will be a very 'sweet' one, hint hint) episode of the 'A taste of' series by Isabelle Cheviot! Featuring in this case, not a surprise peeking at the title, the exotic beauty of Sasha. (Sashshah)

" Two friends get together and chat. Such a common occurrence, isn't it?. But what happens after is not so common but so much fun! Damn and is it hot! Introducing Sasha in her inaugural Dog Star performance."

Isa knows very well how to introduce people to the world of porn, and feature them at their best. She's a natural 'talent scout' when it comes to spot the charm of a look. We spoke already about her blog just yesterday, and more on her 'pictorials' later. Here's the link to Sasha's, tho!

With photos by Chris C. (aussiecc)

I am a self-professed fan of series in porn, as consistency is one of the keys to this 'business', and there's a fun element in spotting the variations and different elements of interest in the SL take on a porn series. You don't need any more snapshots to easily recognize the basic traits of the 'Taste of' series. It's a F-F movie, and Isa's victim gets to be in a quality adult video shot with her usual clinical eye for effective, erotic, even creative angles.

Other than that, every episode of the series has something truly different and unique, and not just because of the different female lead. That has been a constant trait in Isa's production, and inspired by a very recent pictorial from her website , I am also bringing to your attention one of the past episodes of the series, featuring Faith Pottzen.

Picture by Scotty (scottr07)

My attention and priority blogging goes to the member of the in-world group and active partecipants to the porn scene, but it's remarkable to see every time Isa feature new gals and guys who have an 'it' factor in the look, and get their chance to appear. What they will make of these opportunities, is part of the fun to find out.

I always had a passion for the cheerful atmospheres of Isa's more summer-oriented movies, and the movie Isa made with her made no exception. I admire how Isa manages to approach the task of showcasing a new model with a fresh perspective throughout the series, and there are some pretty neat sequences using a toy, on top of Isa's trademark black strapon.

With a perfect use of DoF, a fast pace and one breathtakingly sexy shot after another (ah, that wry smile of Isa's gets me every time), 'A Taste of Faith' is another eyecandy movie with a simple concept and 100% sex, edited to perfection and very satisfying to watch.

As you can ascert now, having a look at both movies, after the jump!

Hit me up inworld if you want to bring to my attention your creations, and perhaps we'll do a blog post about them!

A Taste of Sasha 

A Taste of Faith 

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