Sunday, December 4, 2016

Spotlight: December 4 ∙ Karma Weymann

  'Spotlight' is a special photo gallery featuring works by photographers and models from our community ∙ enjoy!  -Ali

  Karma Weymann began her adventures in Second Life photography a couple of years ago.  In that short time she has produced a fantastic portfolio of exceptional work.  Karma's very original treatment of her photos screams "Artist" and she really is one.  Her creations seem to spontaneously 'pop' as she roams her well equipped studio inspired by a sexy-beautiful and active mind.  We can see the many personalities of her characters like Wendy, Maddie, Ellie, Dorrie, Kaitlyn, Pepper, Alma, Helga and Gracie - each one with her very own avatar and look!  Please enjoy the following small sample from her extensive work and a couple of photos of Karma by others.

For the full effect do not miss Karma's Flickr here:



Karma Weymann

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  1. Wow this is really cool and thanks for featuring my work! Exciting! Hugs you all!

    Karma Weymann