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Not part of the service, but i will blog you!
Some may know up loading to Flickr, then adding to The Sexiest® Flickr Group, or The Erotique Reflections Group, is one route onto the Blog, and to get yourself featured. However, i am now adding another way to get your pictures to me for publishing right here. I do get some not so nice messages from those who feel they should be on the blog, or should be sexiest of the day etc. Now the mail box throws the ball into your court, if you want to be on here you have the opportunity to meet me half way.

This method can also be used by Porn Movie Directors, to send me screen shots, movie synopsis, and embed codes for your movies. Any director doing this will be blogged.

How Can You Get Your Pictures On This Blog!?

I've placed an 'In World Mail Box' at The Erotique Gallery. Pornstars group members are welcome to drop in and drop Note Cards with 'Full Perm' pictures added to the Red Mail Box. If people are interested in doing this, I'll blog a 'Postcards From The Pornstars' Blog post whenever i have enough content for a post. This is probably the easiest, most direct way to get published on this Blog!

Please use the Mail Box, and not send pics to me, if i have 'Busy' up in Second Life, pics go to my 'Trash'. Which is why I'm using this system.

I look forward to getting your mail!

The Pornstars Blog Mail Box. At The Erotique Gallery.

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