The Sexiest® Awards

The Sexiest® Awards took place for the first time ever through two evenings, dedicated to Photography and Movies respectively. The highly anticipated (not to mention long-awaited) event had a terrific turnout during both evenings. The Awards as per every year (check out last year's page) are a celebration of the accomplishments of outstanding talents' work released during the previous solar year, and of the scene as a whole, giving the community a special chance full of pomp and glamour to gather and live a weekend in porn stardom.

Another year organized, against all odds, by the lady in the photo above, the original founder of this group and blog, Emmanuelle Jameson.  I always liked the idea of a special show cementing the public image of the porn 'industry', where nobody really is in for actual money, many are in just for their unquenchable passion, and quite a few enjoy that little extra incentive of 'being a star' in their own right.

Here's some photos from some of your happy winners:

Sexiest Award

Miss Emily, already a four time nominee last year, won Best Director and Best Movie this year for Legs Wide Spread, and was the recipient of a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award.

YAY Sexiest Female 2015 award

Bewitched Difference and her Best Female Model statue

Best Photographer: Glamor

Spirit Sexiest Glamour Photographer of the year

Look What I Got!

Laura Demonista, multiple time nominee, walked home with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her photo work. And she made a photo about it. Of course.

2015 Sexiest Awards Nominees

Here's the latest addition to the Wolfgang shelf o' trophies, with James winning the gold for Best Actor, Leannan nominated for actress and their first episode of Scrubbers up impressing the judges in the movie category.

My Trophies

Sexiest Movie Newcomer  Ryu Quasimodo poses with his trophy statue, and trophy wife!

With the full list of categories and eventual winners right here. Check the appropriate blog posts for reference too, here (1) (2) (3).

The Sexiest® Male Or T-Girl Model
Daimaju Clowes
Dillon Lecker
Erika Thorkveld
Marika Blaisdale

The Sexiest® Female Model
Bewitched Difference
Keeley Snowfall
Rachel Avro
Spirit Eleonara

The Sexiest® Photographer (Erotica)
Daimaju Clowes
Ali Lancrae
Laura Demonista
Tatiana Easterwood

The Sexiest® Photographer (Glamour)
Spirit Eleonara
Daimaju Clowes
Laura Demonista
Tatiana Easterwood

The Sexiest® Photo
'To Take' - Carlos MacAlpine
'The Winter Sun' - Junah
'Floating Along' - Keeley Snowfall
'Finishing Touches' - Laura Demonista
'The Raft of The Medusa' - Tatiana Easterwood

The Sexiest® Newcomer
Marika Blaisdale
Ryu Quasimodo (movie category)
Ali Lancrae
Cream Release
Sandy Miggins

The Sexiest® Actor
James Wolfgang
Dillon Lecker
Gaheris Edelmann
Ryu Quasimodo
Thorgal McGillivary

The Sexiest® Actress
Erin Cedarbridge
Ali Lancrae
Moonie Quasimodo
Leannan Wolfgang
Sugar Vegas

The Sexiest® Director
Miss Emily 

Coeur Noir
James & Leannan Wolfgang
London Zane
Thorgal McGillivary

The Sexiest® Film
'Legs Wide Spread' - Miss Emily
'Cirque Nuit' - Coeur Noir
'Scrubbers ep.1 - The Ginger Erectile Syndrome' - James and Leannan Wolfgang
'Masked' - London Zane
'So you wanna be a pornstar - 02x03' - Thorgal McGillivary

The core of the event more than the statuettes themselves, was of course represented by the double decker Oscar night , where all the nominees, their dear ones, and as many of our Sexiest Pornstars group members could fit in the sim, had a chance to attend, have their red carpet moment dressing the part, and eventually party together.

The hosting by former head judge October, assisted by Dj MissRed, was very appreciated by the attendants and quite entertaining.

A special thanks of course goes to this year's judging panel, formed by a mix of personalities from the porn scene and from the adult entertainment scene in general. Huge thanks go to Eva Brunswick, head judge of this edition, who honoured her commitments timely before she had to take a step back from active partecipation due to RL issues. Here you find her 'Congrats' post-awards post !

photo by Eva Brunswick, still treasuring her well earned award from last year!

Every edition of the Awards has Official red carpet photographers, and this one of course had two times that!
Huge thanks to Marika Blaisdale and Keeley Snowfall for the coverage of the movie night, Melina Jameson for the photography event, and Erin Cedarbridge, who paparazzo'd her way through both Saturday and Sunday. Their wonderful contributions have been highlighted already on the posts I just linked.
Click to check them out and don't miss anyone!

My choice for the photos to put on this page goes with the ones provided by Nicasio Ansar, who (against better judgement!) even took a leave from work on that Saturday to be able to attend the event and snap the great red carpet, event and party shots you have seen throughout this post and will see now.
And then he showed up also on Sunday, because he's like that.
Enjoy the photos, and we look forward to a future Award night!

It was a great night, and once more , thank you to everyone involved, for making it a very special night couple of nights!

To check the previous year's Sexiest Awards' page, click here!

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