Tuesday, May 24, 2011


First off, hey there all you sexy Pornstars and those who love them! I'm Blaise, more affectionately referred to as Blaisey by those who love me and cunt, bitch, whore, etc by those who love to hate me. *Grins* I'm super excited to have been given the opportunity by the lovely Emanuelle to bring you a sexy picture EVERY DAY from our Flickr group.

Feedback would be greatly appreciated, as I would love to know if you all think these pictures are as incredibly sexy as I do. Without further ado, here is my first pick!

pa0154-Karen on top

This is one AMAZING picture by ef_arts2 that I stumbled upon tonight and it's definitely The Sexiest® of the day.

Maybe it's because I'm an artistic person, and the quality of this photo is both realistic and artistic at once... or maybe it's because I haven't been laid in awhile, but DAMN... this picture just SCREAMED sexy to me when I saw it!

Keep a look out tomorrow for The Sexiest® pic of the day. *Winks*

-- Blaisey

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