Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Everyone knows I am a huge fan of the BO$$ DADDY. And Ruff Brocco's latest work CLUB FEENIN has one of the hottest sex scenes this year.

The movie isn't without flaws.  During the dance scenes up front breast bouncing physics are way over the top for my taste...and I'm a pornstar with giant boobs!!! This has been a big issue for me with recent films and I'm going to talk more about it later.

AND STILL...STILL...CLUB FEENIN has one of the very hottest sexxx scenes in SL film this year.

I have to say Ruff and his co-star Tamika Ayo are AMAZING together. And as usual in a Ruff Brocco film, the music is really great.

When they hook up at the end of the movie, they're scene was so hot that i wound up with 10 screen captures of them. Except for the hands, the poses are pretty sexxxy, and their avis just have a great chemisty together.

So get past the physics  and enjoy this film for what it is. Another very hot sexxy movie by the BO$$ DADDY...and a great debut by Tamika!!!

This film is not public anywhere except for Ruff's Social Parody site, GANGBANG BROTHAS and here on this blog...right after the jump!

CLUB FEENIN by Ruff Brocco

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