Monday, August 29, 2011



It almost seems unfair to review this movie after my initial two viewings, and then again for my screen shots for this piece.

Because there is so much going on, so much to appreciate admire and enjoy, on so many levels. I feel you cannot fully take in the whole experience unless you view it many times.

It's a tribute to Pixie that she has earned the right to have a new release anticipated and looked forward to so much. I have been checking her blog and waiting for this, waiting eagerly, then doing a final big "Oooooh! Yes!" when i spotted it at Kittyshack today.

The video ranges from cinematic, trailer like, and very cool at it's opening. Thanks to some Blade Runner like camera flights through a quite stunning glowing futuristic city scape Sim ( look for locations in the credits. ) , and the very fitting, stirring voice acting selections. Through to a cool music video, and on to some of Pixie's most graphic sexual content so far. All balanced with her usual artistic flare and vision. This has it all, enough to keep anybody transfixed for the duration, and then hitting the play button again and again.

It's technically amazing. I absolutely loved the projector screen scenes. Pixie has the prowess to pull off the technical side due to hard work, study, planning, and just plain effort and will to bring us perfection. It's very easy to sit back and be stifled and never bring your visions to the screen, Pixie throws off all the chains due to this hard work. Thankfully letting us see what's going on in her minds eye.

All this and one of my favourite bands "The Specials" on the sound track!

Congrats to all the cast, you are extremely privileged to be part of this. And huge congratulations to Pixie. xx

By Serenity Juneberry. xx.

See more including Pixie's HQ Movie presentation after the JUMP!!!

Courtesy of Pixie Rains's Blog, and Stripped and Teased : The latest movie from Pixie Rain, 'Rapture'.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy.


Special thanks to:

Aleister Priestman
SuicideGirl Evermore
Kitty Sinn
Ehlene Genesis
Jayda Bouevier
Zettho Razor
Aiden Lexenstar

for their time and for their patience with me, and to

Tutsy Navarathna
Serenity Juneberry
Jinx Jiersen

for their indispensible and much appreciated love, support and encouragement.

Click here to read the 'Rapture' feature of Emmanelle Jameson's blog.


  1. Just one look tells you exactly why she's one of the best movie makers in SL

  2. Amazing, amazing, amazing. So worth the wait! I am honored as always to be a part of another of Pixie's projects :D

  3. awesome piece. this isnt porn. it is art.

  4. Very well done and very Pro !
    Great shots, Bravo !

  5. Wel wel wel Awsome film i like it :)