Monday, November 25, 2013

Catalina Cruz V's Katina Cazalet : SL V's RL Porn Stars #3

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Picture By Katina Cazalet.
Two very lovely girls today. Real Life Porn's Catalina Cruz, versus our own Katina! Who of course deserves the votes! So lets check out this super sexy Cat/Kat fight!

Often Porn Stars Bio's are full of awards info AVN Awards etc. This time out we have our very own award winner, Katina! Voted by our judges at the last Sexiest® Film Awards as 'Sexiest® Newcomer', and narrowly missing out on 'The Sexiest® Actress' prize too. As with 'Be' on the last feature, Katina is firmly in the Second Life Porn 'Role Model' bracket. She is just a lovely person to be around, and if she is cast in a movie or landing on a photo set you will be wowed by the effort and attention to detail in her looks. 'Kat' is just plain sexy, and nice! When combining all her hot assets, it's no surprise she has some quite stunning modelling work behind her, and a collection of great movie roles too to her name. Throw in her very own amazing photography talent, and her own creative and sexy pictures and you have a true SL Porn super star of both movies and modelling. An all star pornstar hottie!

So check them out..Cast your vote, and watch out for the hottest Porn stars from both lives on this blog!

If you have a favorite Real Life or Second Life Porn star you'd like to see featured, just leave a comment on any of these posts. Vote for us Second Life Pornstars!!!

Don't Look Down
Picture By Katina Cazalet.

The saddest day
Picture By Katina Cazalet.

Picture By Katina Cazalet.

Picture By Serenity.

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Bubble Time *PS*
Picture By Eva Brunswick.

Picture By Serenity. Movie Screen Shot 'Insatiable Curse'.


  1. Katina Cazalet is wayyyyyyy sexier...... my vote goes to her for sure...... mwah love Be xxxx