Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Boxing Day

fun with Kirsten


This is the Official Pornstars® Gallery, the original, biggest and best.

I am nearly OD on Xmasy things. But there's so many, that i am inflicting some more on you.

So, there you go! Our Pornstars have been extra busy being sexy, funny, silly, and plain festive, and this is a tribute to all those of you uploading to The Sexiest® Flickr Group and the The Erotique Reflections Group.

It's Kirsten Smith on the back of Stolen Sword in his picture, followed by: Kei and Felicia Frequency (by Kei), Woozer Paule with SerenityDreams Destiny, Shurely Shan by Nearly Doune, LovelessDoll Claven with Katina Cazalet, Spirit Eleonara, The Abominable Bewitched Difference with Rachel Swallows, Jadelyn McAuley, Laura Demonista, Rachel Swallows again having survived Be, shown first in her own Bad Xmas outfit and then turning Santa on. To close this gallery, we feature Luna Talon in one of the always sensual pictures by Rix Spyker, the ever sexy Rosalee Rhiadra with mr. Snowman and finally a very naughty Santa Claus, again: first it's Draven Starflare with a very naughty elf named Dove, and Graham Collinson with the duo of Lou Moonlight and Fleur Coco.

Can we ban Santa pictures now? Forever and...till next year?

Well maybe not...stay tuned!

This Gallery was produced and compiled by Katina Cazalet. x

Feli & Kei (12.22.13.a)

Merry Crimbo baby..

Shu 14

Merry X-Mas



Dethroning Santa

Vargas Christmas

Bad Xmas

Nawty Xmas Wishes from Rachel


Mr. Snowman

And on the eleventh naughty night of Christmas


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