Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Dec 7

CMNF 5 1200x857

Christmas is coming, and from what i heard, for quite a few it means just one thing: we get busier and busier in the weekends leading to it. Surely our Sexiest Pornstars have kept themselves very busy!

We have Zoey Winsmore showing her commitment to work to Don Roodborst (pic by Don), followed by a typical winter pic by Shuougun featuring himself and Bewitched Difference, followed by a lineup of assorted sexiness with the likes of : Jadelyn McAuley-Stratford , Barby Mekan!ç with JayJay Moyet and Anita Dark (picture by Barby), Lemon Squeezes (by Dominic Dawes), Babygirl Luv, Soul and Master Darius (by and with Babydoll Candy Beerbaum), Spirit Eleonara, Moon, Barrett Hawker, Domino Dupre, Louise Francoise de Dampierre, and closing beautifully with a beautiful pic of Pornstar Deirdre Paulino and guest Envy Watts (by Envy). Phew! I am tired now.

 Thanks to Katina Cazalet, for sourcing, compiling, and producing today's Gallery. x



Hard Work


Lingerie Show

special treatment


The ladder ( windlight variations)


Streets of Snow 7

Simple BB " Un hommage à la grande Brigitte Bardot "


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