Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hard Alley: The Pornstar's Friend!

Katina's Note: This post, cheesy title included, is being brought to you by the Sleaze King himself! I wish to feature more destinations relevant to the adult community soon: if you are a member of the in-world group and you own or manage a place who provides a service to The Sexiest Pornstars, feel free to contact me and we will hopefully arrange a writeup about your place that showcases its contribution and interest to our readers. Thank you very much mr. Rust!

Frat House and Motel

Do you like to party? Do you want to party like a Pornstar? Do you want to see and be seen by the Who's Who of SL Pornstardom? Then there's only two words you need to know: Hard Alley!

Hard Alley is one of Second Life's oldest sims and is run with an iron fist by its brutal dictator (and SL Porn Director) Hard Rust. Every Thursday night from 7-9PM SL time, Hard Alley hosts an official Pornstar party with pornstar DJ Spirit. Anything goes at Hard Alley, and the party is usually rocking with hot naked bodies and sex. The club was recently renovated with a new look, new sex/voyeur area, and the latest Intan Version 3 Couples Dance Ball, full of hot dances and even hotter sex!

New Look at the Hard Core Sex & Strip Club

For those of you who are usually in bed by that late time, Hard Alley has recently teamed up with Club Erotique! Every Friday, Club Erotique has an awesome pornstar-filled party from 1-3PM SL time, so it's early enough for most of our hot, sexy friends from Europe. It was such a huge success that no one wanted the party to end! So now the party jumps over to Hard Alley from 3-5PM and the party continues in full force, with DJ Spirit and DJ Jackson alternating weeks to give you a great variety of music to dance/grind/have sex to.

*Official Pornstar "Block" Party*
And for the photographers and movie directors, Hard Alley is basically a dozen ready-made shooting locations in one sim! There's a school, a brothel, a biker bar, and office building, a church, apartments, jail, etc... all available for shooting a scene or just having run roleplaying. SL Pornstars have open permission to shoot at Hard Alley anytime, and if you have any special needs, just send a message to Hard Rust and he'll do his best to accommodate.

New Sex Toys
Hard Alley is constantly changing and updating and improving, and we'll be posting any major events or changes here in the Pornstar blog. Special thanks to Katina for giving us the opportunity to keep the SL Pornstar community up on relevant happenings at the Alley!

There is indeed a lot going on at Hard Alley. You'd better check it out SLURL To Hard Alley!

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