Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery : Jan 18

Jess N Deadly 5

Hmmm....Now that seems a good way to spend a Saturday.

Oh, you are here! Sorry, got distracted. By Deadly Serenity and Jess Battitude (Deadlyhoney Serenity and Jess Ocello). You know, cos they are hot and all that.

But this is the Official Pornstars® Gallery! The original, the biggest, the most distracted. I mean distracting. Uff, i messed up.

For the weekend, let's start with an extra dose of Woozer goodness, showing 3 of his pictures, with Ashlynn Jameson, Spirit Eleonara, Bewitched Difference. Then, we have Eva Brunswick making music, Krystal Steal with Cherish, Sweet Melons photographed by Zuby Gloom, followed by more Mels, this time in a pic of her own featuring also Christina Vilda. After that, a massage (and pic!) by Carla Draesia , on Graham Collinson, and Lisa Languish breaking in Nicholas, David Dowd with Slassy Saunders, more Krystal Steal in a dangerous stunt, Sandra Palletier in one of her encounters, Nakuru Bergamasco (by Rachel Swallows). In a recent reupload to , we have Mallie Knox, and spring seems to be coming with BabyGirl Luv, Owen Gotham, Huchie!...but we're stuck in the snow. Well, let's have fun with it, With Erika Thorkveld, and with Deidre Paulino, Spirit Eleonara and Rosa Rhiadra (by Deirdre, check out the whole set for some steamy stuff between the three!).

Well, we're done for today, but the weekend has a long way to go still. Have fun and see you tomorrow!

This Gallery was produced and compiled by Katina Cazalet. x

Morning Sunshine.. (OEM.14) Going for breakfast.. (OEM.14) Hide and Seek.. (OEM.14) Making Music cherish_krystal_1 Stunning Shemales: SweetMels Who came first BOOBS MASSAGE_15012014_026 1-12-14 Lisa Breaks in Nicholas_018 Deep into you wednesday_afternoon_13_ks Red is heat Blue Rider ~Nak Calendar Girls project Stupid Cupid Far,far away Beautiful night-HP01 The Other Me snowboarding_008


  1. wow tysm - LOVED modelling the Stupid Cupid outfit from Pink Sugah!