Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Beth Macbain's ' My Friend Mick'


Beth Macbain's blog is something different and much more 'personal' than virtually all the other blogs featured in our blogroll. Not trying to summarize her encounter with the man in the pictures, i suggest you to read it on the post she made for it. I am copying just the last bit, to introduce you the sexy images, hoping you'll read the rest of the experience through her perspective, the one behind the virtual camera.

I took a shit ton of photos.

I sort of have two modes... one mode is when I'm so into what I'm doing I can't take photos. The other mode is when I'm so into what I'm doing, I'm snapping photos without even realizing it because I have to... I just have to... capture it.

This was one of those times. Enjoy! I know I certainly did. :-)

PS... I love these photos so much I'll be posting the full set on my Flickr if you want to see the larger versions.

And she did. And you can find the whole set there. And as she said...Enjoy !










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