Saturday, February 8, 2014

Nearly Doune's 'At my place'

At my place: Saskia
One month ago, the man we know with the correspondent monickers of Almost Finished and Nearly Doune decided to embark in a simple yet challenging exploration. In his words:

If I am an artist, then my art is in the capturing of happenstance rather than in its construction. What happens happens, and I do my best to record it in interesting compositions and later to frame it in colours and textures that resonate in some way with my recollection of the encounter and/or muse. My new challenge is to take the same setting - my sixty dollar skybox - and create distinct impressions. This is the first of my ‘At my place’ posts.

It has been a pleasure to cover some of Nearly's pictures in the daily gallery, and now i present to you a bit more, with the links to the ampler thumblr posts from his blog, together with the usual flickr links.

Andrea A.

At my place: Andrea A

Lauraspain Neox

At my place: lauraspain neox

JayJay Coronet

At my place: JayJay


At my place: Majikat


At my place: Sacred

Skye and Darker

At my place: Skye (watched by her husband, Darker)

At my place: Skye (watched by her husband, Darker)

Tonya Toydoll

At my place: Tonya Toydoll


At my place: Saskia


At my place: Adam


At my place: Aereste

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