Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reggy's Fresh Meat

are you gonna go my way?

A few days ago, someone put an announcement on flickr which went like this: "FRESH MEAT NEEDED: Am looking for posers of all genders to come along and pose for me".
Well, he certainly found some!

So here is a selection of his work with the very diverse assembly of 4 fantastic models. Whom I hope will be seen more and more in other quality pictures as well. (well, three of them at least. One is a terrible terrible person, I tell you! :p ) Without further ado, here's Regan Sommer's work with:

Cathari Runo

Cathari Runo 2

Peek 'a' Boo

Cathari Runo

Sweet Melons

mel (3)

mel (12)

mel - kitchen (6)

Layla Pexie

Layla 4

Layla 2
Layla 5

Ashlynn Jameson

ashlynn (1)

ashlynn (3)

ashlynn 5

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