Friday, February 14, 2014

Return of The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 14!

Valentine Foodie Friday 2.14.14

Yeah! Your enthusiasm for stylised beating muscles, sharply prickled vegetables and higly caloric desserts produced a veritable plethora of pictures in The Sexiest® and The Erotique Reflections groups, and there you go. Credits are at the bottom of the post, and i'll see you next time, for another trilogy. Which may or may not be as good as this one. Have a great Feb 15th (yes it IS time for that finally)!

Be Mine, Valentine?
Seams and Dreams Valentine's Day Show

Happy Valentine's Day Mr Lane
My Valentine
Valentine's 2014
Time with each other
Happy Valentine's day
2-2-14 Vixx & Zuriel_047_01
Happy Azz Valentines Day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Cheeky Valentine
Dark Valentine
Misguided Cupid
Be my Valentine?
Valentines Cupid
Valentines Day 2014
Decisions Decisions

Featured in this gallery: Kerri Fegte, Ivori Faith, Kei Frequency Spirit Eleonara and Jadely McAuley (picture by Spirit), Kirsty Oherlihy, Christina Striatus, Ahn70 with Alex Avion, Krystal Steal, Jewell and Midnight Shinja, Chocolate Pizzaro, Vixxen Rainbow with Zuriel Bedlam, Burly Tigerpaw, Rosa Rhiadra, Deirdre Paulino, Ashlynn Jameson with Wicket Jameson, Laura Demonista, Rachel Swallows, Jadelyn McAuley, Ayara Illios, Starr Raine, Raelin Jestyr with Jackson Greycloak.

And we close with Eva Brunswick, reminding us of the date auction event going on at Hard Alley, which will culminate in a party 1-3 pm slt tonight. Check out the details clicking Eva's pic, and have a great day, hopefully loving and why not, spoiling your partner of choice, like it was Valentine's day all over again.

But it's not, so enough with the hearts! :O

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