Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 15

Who will Be Mine

Welcome to the Official Pornstars Gallery! Who will be Eva's? Wait...maybe it's the other way around, isn't she on auction later? Oh yes she is. Hmm. Anyway that pic still has the toxins of Valentine in it. Hot and all that but i can't do another gallery of cupids and things like that. Better move on. Besides, it's too late for that. So what do we have today?

We have...oh. Benjamin Glendale as a cupid running late.

Ok, that's clever , published. But enough Valentine i said.
Well, but then again there's always a lot of sexy pics left. Like Zaria Velde's.
Gah! No i said enough! Featured today in the gallery: a double helping of Sonja Huerra and Shuougun playing basketball with Erika Thorkveld and a cab making a court invasion. We feature also the many outfits of Nakuru Bergamasco, Cassandra Hastings being surprised, Melinakis, Fleur Coco by Graham Collinson, Marika Blaisdale by Stolen Sword, Ivori Faith with Kei Frequency and Rachel Swallows, Tatiana Easterwood with some impressive product placement, and we close with Meryll Panthar. Yes, this is the gallery for you. See you later, i know it's going to be a busy Saturday in SL! Best wishes to everyone who is up for grabs , or hoping to grab something!

Running late
Be Mine 2
Senza titolo
Senza titolo
Random Collage
Surprise 2 !!!
Sometimes...being alone...can be....creative...
Sharing Is Caring
JD shoes effect !
Diamonds and Fur

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