Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 26

Feet treatment

Oh, welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery. February is almost over. No, i have no follow up to that. Just making sure you are updated.
If you are a foot fetishist you are probably still having an orgasm after seeing Melinakis' picture above, featuring Ashlynn Jameson, so i am merely giving you time to recover. Done? Good.

Now, on to the rest of the gallery. We have Kirsten Smith, two of the super sexy photos by Elroy Click featuring Larianna Star, Beca Staheli caught between Jaden Eberhardt and Savanna Snow, a luscious iguana caught into Talisker Braveheart's chest hair, Zuby Gloom caught between Sweet Mels and Marika Blaisdale in her latest comic, that you can see on her flickr stream or her new blog.
Then we have: pornographer extraordinaire Arnno Planer, Marika Blaisdale again, Shuougun making Krystal Steal shine (pic by Krystal in her unmistakeable style), Deirdre Paulino in hot action with Envy Watts, Gwen in hot action with a chair (by Moon), pictures by Lovely Luvs, Mistyk 'Mimi' Shinn, Mr. Jackson, Zaria Velde. And we finish with two pictures. First Woozer Paule with Kei Frequency and Jocelyn Esharham (plus Lord Sheepington in his great impression of the telephone shower), and second, Eva Brunswick in action with mr. Dominic Dawes.
Have a great hump day!


turn me on
Caught Between
Iguana 2
The Phone
The Phone
[Ceci n'est pas une pipe] Ma version de "La trahison des images" (my version 

of The Treachery of Images)
Sitting in a dark room
Cumshot from Shuougun over me
The chair
Rowen in Chains
Living the dream..
Eva Tasted/Tested- Dominic Dawes

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