Friday, February 28, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Feb 28

Less Than Three

Welcome to the Official Pornstars® Gallery. Less than three. Less than three days to the big awards thing, but also, oh how conveniently, the title of this sexy picture by Jadelyn McAuley, featuring Ryann Hendrassen and Megzi Babii. And look below! I am keen on featuring more Jadelyn, this time with Spirit Eleonara having a yummy time. Or a sticky and sweet time, in Spirit's interpretation of the scene on the following picture.

Now if you are more into salty, i can suggest you the Tatiana Easterwood diet, just don't go overboard like she does, as shown in her picture with Dominic Dawes. On with the rest of the gallery now please!
With Willow Onskan, Shuougun with JayJay Moyet and City in a pic, then in the other with Sweet Mels and ....OMG is it Laura Demonista? Seriously, why is it that you guys don't feature her more in your pictures? Now i am going to blog more of her awesome work as photographer too, of course.
Following Shu,there's 2 recent pics from Laura. I am sure by now she has already made a dozen. Staying in B/W mood, i give you Eva Brunswick with Thorgal McGillivary, CC, Murderdolls Sveta Shevchenko. Back in colour mode with Verity Vandex getting down and dirty with MeyMey, Cassandra Hastings, Beth MacBain, Echo Bergman featuring Jason Livewired, Stolen Sword portraying Mistyk Shinn, and we close with a pic about 'Censorship' by Merryl Panthar, you can read the story behind it in the pic description. Have a great day!

Yummy Sticky and Sweet Addiction ! willow soft blue light Morning sharing.... Double.... R&R Siren being a Good Girl... Cock Study in B&W "*PS*Studio" Stuffed by Mey Mey With Big Uncle Words fail me... for once Afterglow end of catwomen's fight CENSOR (please read description)

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