Friday, February 14, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards : Nominations Coming Soon!

The Sexiest Awards - March 2nd
head Judge 'October' with Emmanuelle Jameson. By October Bettencourt.
As you can see from this stunning new poster for The Sexiest® Awards, head judge October Bettencourt is more than qualified to over see some of the hottest, and of course Sexiest® content our group can produce.

I've been told the judges will finish 'Round 1' scoring any time now. Which is the first step in the judging process, it's also a very exciting set of results. As it provides us with our 9 categories full of nominee's.

There is a huge amount of pictures, and movies to view and judge, in many set criteria, but things are on schedule, and i hope to begin the exciting job of posting nominations very soon, right here on the Blog.

Having been a head judge last year I really appreciate the work involved, and the dedication of every judge, but am looking forward along with everybody to those Nominee lists!

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