Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Sexiest® Awards : What Happens Next?

Judging has begun in the SEXIEST® Awards! In round one of Judging, your movies and photographs have to be watched and viewed  hundreds of times between them! by a group of judges giving up their time to help and support these awards.

Their identity will remain anonymous until all the results of the awards have been settled. The judges themselves do not know who the other judges are, October Bettencourt, the head judge is the only person who knows, and acts as a point of contact for anything to do with the Sexiest awards for them.

Round 1 Judging is to establish the 5 Nominee's for each of the nine categories. So once we have those score cards in on this Blog, we will release a category nomination post.

Once October has Nine sets of 5 Nominee's for each category, the Judges will then begin scoring those sets of five in "Round 2" scoring. Using the criteria laid out by the head judge, to produce the final results. This whole process is carried out in a professional, and thorough manner. Judges look at each and every entry closely. They make up a diverse cross section, with Judges from Second Life businesses, arts, and entertainment.

It's a busy, and exciting time for all involved. Your entry fee's will pay for the show, and see a large donation to charity, look out for more news on the cause we are supporting this years. Having seen the big response and large amount of entries, the quality of the entries, and the work underway by Emmanuelle, planning and building the show and venue, we are in for a great SEXIEST® AWARDS!

Keep it here for Awards news, and Nomination announcements!

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