Monday, March 3, 2014

Hello! Pornstars! : The Sexiest® Awards Show Special!

Huge thanks to Hard Rust who devoted much of his time at the The Sexiest Awards Show to grabbing some of the best ever pictures I've ever seen of the event in all its four years. So please head over to Hard's Flickr stream, and fave some and comment, HERE.

I have to say Emmanuelle, Mid's, October, and the rest of the events organizers did an amazing job. So too did Thorgal presenting the show. The show felt very professional, with dancers, live music, and wonderful purpose built surroundings for the theatre.

Everybody looked fabulous, i hope everybody who was nominated feels proud of their achievement, you should, and everybody went home with well deserved prize statues for Nominee's and Winners, and Oscars style gift bags from Mirko Panacek filled with things like lovely Sensuelle Lingerie and other gifts From October..

Enjoy Hard Rust's epic Paparazzi effort of The 2014 Sexiest Awards Show!

More Hello! Pornstars Awards coverage later with high quality exlusive pics from October Bettencourt!

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