Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: March Magazines

So, even with just the shortest month of the year to prepare the next issue, punctual as always these two well known magazines have done it again.
Both need no introduction and are very interesting to read on top of presenting high quality pictures.

BUSTed Magazine

BUSTed March Issue Out Now

You can get your copy now by subscribing at any Busted Kiosk in Second LIfe (like this one here) or check out the notices in the Sexiest® Pornstars group.

The content in terms of SL Pornstars is absolutely huuuge. Cover photo by Rix Spyker, photographers Kei Frequency, Dominic Dawes, Spirit Eleonara, Kittyinda Henhouse, and there is Felizitas Barbosa amongst the all very sexy and certainly busty models. Not to mention, London Zane shooting none other than The Sexiest® Actress of 2013 Kai Baby Barineaux! Again i try to list only the group members, but i am running out of space: what about columnist Ayara Illios, fashion model Fleur Coco...seriously. Just read the magazine.
The highlight of this absolutely packed, 'Whore Couture' themed issue, tho, is most likely the exclusive pre-release interview with the creator of a new product which promises to be one of those landmarks in sl "fashion": fitted mesh breasts, by Hemi Violet from Violet Studios. Do get the magazine, which features a link to a video of these new ...devices in motion, by Colleen Criss.
To quote Quinn Ying from her interview together with Anita Dark by Rachel (omg how many Sexiest® Pornstars in one sentence): "I think that allowing people to change the look of their breasts using the avatar shape sliders will finally allow everyone to feel a bit more unique. I strongly encourage any effort that points to empower people creavitivy :)". Couldn't agree more. Oh did i say Quinn Ying?

Lust Magazine

March Issue 2014

Yes, Quinn does the cover of Lust Magazine, and more, as usual, with her fashion tips on 'No panties, please!' and interview and pictures of pornstar, photographer and Sexiest nominee London Zane. And in the tradition of the magazine , we have yet another great interview, this time a two-parter. Trysten interviews Serenity and Louise Kristan-Faulds, and next month you are going to see a LOT more of them. You can't just wait , tho, can you?
Do check out the whole issue on their website!

Please feel free to contact me in world about your magazine, if you think its content is relevant to our blog readers. Thank you!

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