Friday, May 2, 2014

The Pornstars Rack: May Magazines again

Magazines , magazines again. Of course, if earlier i covered BUSTed, now it can only be the turn of....

LUST Magazine

May Issue Lust Magazine

Yep, they have interviews! With ravishing pictures in there!
In addition to Barrett Hawker's interview with the very popular Dani Knelstrom of Danika fame, to uphold the reputation of the magazine as a container of very sexily shot and fetching interviews we have Meg Corral's one with Shy Furlough and a beautiful meeting between Quinn Ying and Delicence.

Shy Furlough May Issue Lust Magazine

Shy by Meg! Very hot...and check out the pics that are in the magazine!

Quinn is a real gifted interviewer, and her guest has an original and candid perspective over a broad range of topics that i am sure will interest anyone reading. Please check it out, and of course , you can always have a peek at Quinn's fashion tips too!

And in this issue Trysten presents 2 real centerfolds in Laveau Tornado and Rachel Swallows.

Delicence Interview

So, a great read as always, and a feast for the eyes. Do not miss out on it. Check it out on their website!

Been in a magazine? Work for a magazine? Own a magazine? Just contact me in world about it and if its content is relevant to our blog readers, we might cover it! Thank you!

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