Friday, June 13, 2014

Erin Cedarbridge Nude on Beach - Jetski special!

With the tide coming in

Miss Emily's name is synonimous with a lot of things related to SL Porn, including porn movies, exciting parties and...well, SL porn itself, meaning her group and blog, where she is aided by the lovely Erin Cedarbridge.

This post is about the very erotic view of Erin riding fiercely with a powerful big toy between her legs, till she collapses on the beach and writhes in the hot sand getting all wet. Well, ok, maybe it's best if i quote Miss Emily's introduction...

Porn Star Єɾιṅ cҽḋɑɾвɾιḋɠҽ was recently seen vacationing on the beautiful tropical island MiaBell. She was seen here, scantily clad in a bikini on a Jet Ski she had rented. What happened next was totally unexpected as the starlet beached the Jet Ski, stripped off her bikini and began doing some of the most erotic poses you could imagine as if no one was around to see!!
Unknown to her our cameras caught everything!!!

Oh yeah, sounds much better! But Emily's camera was not the only one to catch a glimpse: Erin herself took pics in fact, and published them. So, I am showing you in this post a bit of both, inviting you to check out the set on Erin's flickr, and the whole post on Emily's blog, looks just amazing. Have a nice day!

On an azure lake

Erin Nude JetSki

Nowhere but here

Erin Head back

Erin nude crawl

Erin Laid back

I'm coming for you ;)

Erin on her tummy

Erin Spread

All the way up!

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