Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Look Out For... Karina Styles

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A few days ago, this notice appeared in the Sexiest Pornstars group:

After months of being absent, Karina is back and more than eager to be in front & behind the camera.

Come check out her new Flickr and Wowmeh body by the beach.

I remembered Karina's first flickr and porn debut last year, and of course, being the super-professional journalist that I am (errr...just play along, ok?), I had to check her out. The new flickr and all that.
What can I say: ever since she has appeared in lovely pictures, and you can see she has encountered very well known names in porn such as Alexus Minoutaur and Master Dominic Dawes, finding already a spot into Obsession Studios. She has also posted regularly notices, asking for feedback. Look at her, use her (hey I mean, in shoots, as model...sheesh!) and enjoy!

Ah, one last thing: the opening pic is by and with Ace Nokkers, because I love her loads and because, hey, why not slippin in a plug for the Support Wowmeh campaign, since it's relevant? :p All the other pics are by Karina herself, displaying a lot of talent and potential. And a super-smexy wowmeh body, so, feature her! Have a great day.

Beach 4

Properly plugged up
Satisfyingly plugged up

Training of K: Training begins 1

Training of K: Training begins 2

Training of K: Training begins 3

Training of K: Training begins 4

Pinned & Filled

Training begins

Saddling up

Going for a ride I

Going for a ride II

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