Sunday, June 1, 2014

Look Out For... Sylvana Button

Seaside 4

During the past week, the erotic sets by Sylvana Button really caught my eye.

Have a look at her flickr, where you can find her first set, 'At the Busstop!', 'The Motelroom Job' (featuring Chelsea Grin) and a lot more for your viewing pleasure. So inventive, and with an eye for a sexy shot. Very well picked angles, and just check out those steamy descriptions in the last one i have mentioned. I so love to see newcomers come out with this type of contribution to the scene. Just congrats. I can't wait to see more from her. Even the pics where she is a giant snake. I decided that they totally count as topless pics for the Tuesday gallery.

Enjoy, on her stream!

Busstop FL 4

Busstop FL 5

Busstop FL 8

Busstop FL 12

Busstop FL 17

MR 12

MR 19

MR 26

MR 27

MR 31






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