Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Spa Day" with Ashley

Ashley @ the pool_003

Obsession Studios continues in its tradition of sensual photoshoots. Mr. Dawes here took care of one hot starlette on the rise in Ashley Akiko (Amosa Sugarplum), which you can now see also on Lust Magazine and...well, darn, just look at her.
And Dominic Dawes surely helps her relax that magnificent body with his soothing massage. But please, do read the story that goes with the photoshoot on his website. His full, well detailed credits in the post help you understand more the scope of the Obsession experience and his passion for what he does. You find it here.
Which is what makes his models come for more! In fact, here's also on this post a lovely continuation of the shoot that features the two on a date.

"... her encounter with her masseur drew her back. This time the two snuck away into a jungle hut, had a bottle of wine together, and made love by candlelight. Presenting the gorgeous Ashley ... a special guest to Obsession Studios."

All on mr. Dawes' flickr. Enjoy!

Ashley @ the pool_016

Ashley @ the pool_024

Ashley @ the pool_029

Ashley @ the pool_031

Ashley @ the pool_033

Ashley @ the pool_037

Ashley @ the pool_041

Ashley @ the pool_047

Ashley @ the pool_048

Ashley @ the pool_054

Ashley @ the pool_065

Ashley @ the pool_073






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