Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jun 22

Happy Rezzday Dai X :-)

Happy Sundayofficialpornstars®gallery to you, happy Sundayofficialpornstars®gallery to you...hmm, we're completely out of metrics here, and the cake got ruined. Blah!

Ah well, we have something equally delicious, just in a different way. Sexy views by Bewitched Difference, followed by Ash, Don Roodborst with Mariah Love, Freyja Nemeth. Full yet? Of course not. Look what baked between Erika Thorkveld and Dean Davidson during a hot Sunday afternoon (pics by Dean), and enjoy also Ivori Faith, Starr Raine, Laura Demonista's stories, Mad Firecaster's artwork, and the fantasy view by Jadelyn McAuley, featuring Idenn Ortiz.
To complete the gallery, two erotic pics featuring Joelle Oppewall, one by Aribella Dinzeo, Iris Sweet against H8 (I am eagerly awaiting a campaign promoting it, for a change!), DarkAngel69 Vig by Graham Collinson in two pics, Sandra Palletier with an admirer (I am sure she was very happy looking at the new issue of Aroused! , then), and finally, something again for our Sunday readers, this time by Precious Blanco. Have a blessed new week!

High Relief Mariah Don Amazon River 1200x857 20140620_03 A hot Sunday afternoon A hot Sunday afternoon A hot Sunday afternoon drawing your attention Burlesque Bedtime Stories Foreshadowing. Dark Intentions mmhmm Who 

needs a boy when we can have a real man? Ready for Love NO H8 Snapshot_602 Snapshot_580

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