Monday, June 9, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Jun 9

An Ancient Message A new week has started, and it's time for a new Happy Ass Monday Pornstars® Gallery, and an ancient message, by Laura Demonista. What will that message be? It's for you to guess.

What I will not let you guess is who else is on this gallery. Plenty fantastic photographers, and beautiful behinds. Starting with Spirit Eleonara from a simply beautiful photoshoot, and moving on with more representatives of great sessions: Heaven by CherishSky and Nylon Magic and Gwen with and by Moon.
Then, Roberta Romano, Nichola Catteneo, two sexy beachy shots by Fahye, Claire De Loon and one sexy discover of hers, Sonique Vegas by 'King' Billy. And there's more! There's a really not bad ass shot by Filipe Roff, one wonderful presentation by Cathy Shepherd, Carla Draesia by Omer Smithson, Ivori Faith, a 'vintage' shot from the very much missed Ero&Tica duo (isn't a month a long time in SL terms?), and we close with yet another head turner featuring Amanda by Lasga Claven, and with an armed and dangerous Diablo Balazic.

Have a great rest of your day!

Soft Heaven 4 Nylon's nest Nylon's nest Nylon's nest RR674 Exposure Snapshot_017 Snapshot_014 Bmm Bmm Sonique uhm, not bad. Fire
Carla & Omer_007 (2)
That's no moon- that's a space station... Ero&Tica VIII-1 Amanda (client) Jungle Dia with guns

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