Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Meet and Greet...Welcoming New Members

I met up with some of our newer members to the group and took some photos.  Also asking them to tell me a lil about themselves... so get to know them and use them :))

Enok "Wolfe" Ktaba is from Brazil but is currently Lost somewhere in the USA ;) His hobbies are taking photos and creating SL music videos. The SL Porn industry is fairly new to him but he is embracing the challenge of creating quality work that will make people feel very aroused when viewing!

Xalted Violet  from the midwest has been in the group for a few weeks he is available mostly in the mornings and early afternoons...

Throe Velle, she is a new face to the group but so far is having a blast getting to know everyone.
She has said that everyone has just been so friendly and helpful - which we like to hear! She loves to shop , explore SL, shooting sets..and if she isnt doing that you will typically find her dancing or hosting a event somewhere at various clubs. As for projects, she is interested in just about anything photo or video.

Vincent Max, is a athletic, charismatic and good sense of humor kinda guy. Adventurous and bit eccentric at the same time..sometimes people assume him to be too serious but don't be fooled by
the look, there is more to him than meets the eyes...
Vincent can be seen portraying numerous characters, either in one-on-one scenes or in a team . He is ready to deliver and give a exceptional gratifying and ecstatic experience to his female co-stars.

Katrina Angel is a nature lover and always found close to it. She is a model and loves photography and craves it  " cause its some intoxication, something so very nice which captures my heart so well gives me gust of those hormones makes me high from inside;)  - Katrina. So be it any type of modeling job she is  there for it and interested.


  1. Very nice work as always Eva. Welcome to all our new members, those featured here and joining the group. x

    1. Thank you Sere :) I look foward to working with some more very soon on here.