Friday, October 3, 2014

The Official Pornstars® Gallery: Oct 3

Vierithra 1

Welcome to your OH THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!! THANK GOD!! Ahem, ok, I got carried away. It's Friday, but The Official Pornstars® Gallery doesn't take breaks. As you relax for the arrival of the weekend, take a look at what we have to offer, snooping around Flickr to bring you some sexiness of all genders, and a few selected species. Our gallery begins with one long time Pornstars member in Vierithra, whose beauty was magnificently captured by Marika Blaisdale in the photo above, and that you can see also below in a different form. Yes, in her own picture she is the wingless fairy playing koala with Charles Parker's big spanish eucalyptus. I tell you, writing these lists never gets boring.

Now, not to bore you too much, here you have a list of the remaining pics, starting with yet another excellent work by Moon with Gwen, and continuining with miniature naughtiness by Louise Kristan-Faulds with Serenity, 2 stylish shots by Vanity Mirror, a super view by Kiki, and 3 pics from a set by Big Daddy Ves with Asari, plus 2 by Draven 'wolf' Starflare (with Candy and with Priscila Balogh). Then, Traci Quandry, EmeeLee Ember and Ryu Quasimodo (by Keeley Snowfall), Alexandria Topaz with Blackheart Taurus and Nakuru Bergamasco, a juicy detail of that, Ashlynn Jameson and Kaj ( by Mystermitch), Margarita Blanco, and we close with more ethereal beauties by Charlie Namiboo and by Marika Blaisdale. Yes, it's our Vierithra again.
Have a great time partying and suck! Err, such!

Little Fairy? Dirty shower? Dolls Anticipating your arrival It's about to go down l̶o̶s̶t̶ VNM Tag Team Champs hit again VNM Tag Team Champs hit again VNM Tag Team Champs hit again Candy came to see her old Daddy Daddys lil Whore This what happens Night of Desire RoyaltyFck4 RoyaltyFuck1b Kaj Ash Raising sails just me beauties & beasts Vierithra 2

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