Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Places to Play: Dirty Rythms

So there you are with your intimate other. Both of you are feeling those good vibrations and you just know it's time to unleash a little passion. The only question now is where. Will it be a sexual odyssey aboard an intergalactic spaceship? How about snuggling beside a fire in a romantic cabin as the snow piles up outside. Maybe avoid winter all together and get close on a beach minus that annoying beachwear. Perhaps a little naughty fun involving shackles and chains. Sounds like you better make up your mind, or the two of you are going to be running your legs off as you hop from sim to sim looking for that special place to get your groove on.
Or, you could just make you way to Dirty Rythms.
When it comes to adult variety, Dirty Rythms is all you'll need for some quality time of the sensual kind.


There are, roughly, eleven themed areas scattered throughout the place, with countless little hideaways tossed in. If you desire it, they have thought of it. I'm not talking about just picking a spot and randomly dumping in some balls, the folks at Dirty Rythms have sparred no expense in laying out some of the best equipment in SL and surrounding it with scenery that heightens the mood.
I'm not sure just how big Dirty Rythms is, but I'm thinking that if you enjoyed one encounter every night on a different item they offer, you'd still be at it several months later.
From the romantic, to the down and dirty, Dirty Rythms provides.
At the head of all of this is Richh Devin.

Richh Devin

So who is Richh Devin and how did he find his way to this pixel playground?

Richh - Hi, I am the owner of the Dirty Rythms adult playground and swingers sim. I am a long time SL'er who loves the wonderful things that people build here. I love to visit the many wondrous places people put together here. I also enjoy building myself and love to tinker on DR making it a great place to visit.


Acey Heart

Dirty Rythms is a massive undertaking. How did it come about and why?
Richh - DR is reflection of the early day adult sims in Second Life. People used to go to them and dance, to meet people or just to talk and have fun. There are very few sims of that caliber left. DR is one of them. It is full of things to do and people continue to discover it everyday.  I love to see people enjoying it and am beside myself when people tell me how much they enjoy it. DR grows and shrinks based on how many people come to visit.

Richh - I have been up to four sims large but shrunk back to just one because people want to be together, not spread across so many places. You won't find any commercial stuff here but you will find all of the best things made in SL and a myriad of destinations where you can escape and have fun with someone you care about. You can also come dance at an event or participate in some of the activities we hold all the time.

 Rosa Rhiadra

So how do you spend your time in Second Life?
Richh - I love SL and I think Virtual Reality is what the entire Internet will look like in the future. Imagine your avatar being unleashed from just SL and living in a world of many Virtual Realities including e-businesses, social media and so many more. Your avatar will be you and it will be free to travel all over the digital world exploring and experiencing new things. In SL I love to explore. I love to see the imaginations of people reveal themselves and I wonder at the amazing things people build for us. Very often you come across that one place that just blows everything else away.



What is your take on the adult side of SL? What's in, what's out? What has changed over the years?
Richh - Adult on SL has changed a lot. For the most part Linden Labs has done a great job of removing all of the bad stuff. People are starting to get that avi's dressed up like children aren't going to fly here. The good adult sims on SL are all on the same page when it comes to that so it has become a lot more pleasant for everyone.

Richh -Now it is all about enjoying the fantasy. There are some super adult sims with great themes and fantastic role play. Drama is certainly out. People won't deal with it. Close quarters interaction with roleplay or themed events are in. The porn industry is thriving and naughty is hot on SL.


Gwen Beck

What inspires you about SL after all these years?
Richh - I love the advancements that have been made by Linden Labs. Mesh is just one of the key things that has improved our quality of life here. Some of the mesh avatars are just unbelievable. It is a complete joy to observe so many avi's with seamless curves and perfect modifiable attributes and wearing amazing designer clothes that complete the look.

Richh - I also look forward to some of the advancements we will see in Second Life II. If you haven't heard, Linden Labs is working on it right now. It is going to be amazing with client side sims, unbelievable graphics and a brand new economic system that will make it way more affordable for all residents. I am sure Virtual Reality in general will explode because of it.


Domino Dupre

If you were a tree, what type of tree would you be?
Richh - A Christmas tree for sure. I love presents.

Membership Cost - Free
Club/Music Genre -  Everything - depends on the DJs
Type of Sim - Adult Club and Swinger Resort
Special Events - Party's, DJs, Dancing and more.
Adult Toys/Equipment (Brands) - Everything, all the best stuff. If we don't have it we will get it.
Rez Rights - Yes
Rentals - No need for rentals... everything is free



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